The (relatively) new Tax Commissioner, Chris Jordan (having been in the position for roughly 12 months), appeared before a Senate Estimates hearing on 26 February 2014 and said that the Australian Public Service Commission capability review set out some areas that the ATO could focus on. The capability review identified that the ATO "did not have any particularly clearly articulated longer term … [Read more...]

Practice Update 1 – Tax Returns with refunds will need bank account details

According to the ATO, the fastest, most secure way to receive a tax refund is to have it paid directly into a nominated Australian bank account using electronic funds transfer (EFT). From 1 July 2013, individual tax returns will generally require bank account details, including BSB and account number, to be entered, where a refund is expected. Joint accounts and trusts accounts will be … [Read more...]

Welcome to the S&K Accounting Blog

In our blog we offer money saving tips, taxation tips and latest updates, upcoming events, useful information and resources. We hope you enjoy the information we provide and find it interesting and useful. The S&K Accounting Team … [Read more...]

Your Money Management Survival Guide

All money management survival guides will tell you the exact same thing. There's only one way to be profitable in business and in life: make more money than you spend. This might sound so obvious that it's ridiculous to have to say it, but think about how many of us really don't make more than we spend. People often carry huge amounts of debt and, even if they're making the minimum monthly … [Read more...]

3 Top Wealth Building Strategies

Are you searching for strategies for building wealth? Many people don't realise that strategies for building wealth actually requires you to build up your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The words "health" and "wealth" actually come from the same root, which means "wholeness" in the sense of being complete. When we do things to make our lives wealthier, we should also … [Read more...]